Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Trip to Spain – By Kristiyana

On March 15th we arrived at Sofia Airport and took the flight at around 7 in the morning. We arrived at Rome and had around 5-6 hours to spend till the next flight. During those hours we managed to explore the capital of Italy and see some of it’s magnificent ancient architecture such as the Colosseum, Trajan's Column and many more. After that we took the next flight and soon after we arrived at Barcelona Airport. Our host were waiting for us there. We took the underground to Vilassar de Mar – the small seaside town we were staying at and after we arrived our hosts took us to their homes.
On the next day, we spent all of our time in Barcelona. We managed to see the La Rambla Street, Barcelona Town Halls and the amazing Sagrada Familia. It was simply amazing. In the afternoon we explored the Roman part of Barcelona and learned some interesting facts about it. We went back to Vilassar de Mar and we spent the rest of our free time with the other students.
On the next day we took the bus to the Montserrat area and visited the monastery there. We found out that this place is of great value to the catalan language and culture. The monastery was very beautiful and we had the opportunity to touch the statue of the Black Virgin that is located inside. We visited the museum as well and after all this great experience we got back to Vilassar de Mar and spend our remaining time with the other groups, playing football or just talking.
The next day was free so we spent our time on the seaside, playing games and at noon we played bowling with our new friends in a town next to Vilassar.
On the next day we visited the school. We took part in one of their technical drawing classes. After that we all saw a presentation about the differences between the Spanish and the Catalan language, we watched the movies about the minority languages that each group had to present and we received certificates. Then we spend the rest of the day in Barcelona sightseeing and shopping. We even managed to visit an exhibition of the famous artist Goya.
On the final day, we left from Vilassar de Mar Station early in the morning so we could take the plane back to Rome and then Sofia.
I’m really happy I took part of this whole project. The trip was truly amazing and a really great experience too.  My host Julia and her whole family were very hospitable and warm people. I’m glad I was their guest and I thank them for everything. Spain is a lovely place and I would like to visit it again soon.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trip to Catalonia - Milena

It has all started early in the morning when we caught the plane from Terminal 2 to Barcelona. As long as I realized we were in the sky on the way to Barcelona we turned a side in Italy.When we arrived in Italy we had a stay around 6-7 hours to the next flight.We all decided to go for a walk around the most attractive sights of Rome. We visited the Coliseum and the time passed unnoticeably and here we go again : in the plane on the way to Barcelona. After 2 hours and in front of us were our friends from the project “Comenius”. Each of us was ensconced in family, During these days in Catalonia  I stayed at Mark’s place. The first day was rather exhausting ,but pleasant and unforgettable . At 20:30 local time I was already with my Spanish family.Mark’s family made me feel myself as If I were at home. The following days we were everyday in Barcelona visiting different places.On 16.03 we visited the Spanish municipality which is such an interesting  and incredible place. It looks like as if it is a museum with that much pictorial and such remarkable capitels and ornaments on the doors and the columns. The same day we visited and   „ La Sagrada Familia  the cathedral of the famous architect Antonio Gaudi.The building is so remarkable that  as I stood in front of it I felt dazed by these sculptures surrounding everything  around this great project , which speaks with eloquence  for the artist’s  reflection, for his soul and heart.After visiting the great project of Antonio Gaudi  ,lead by Roxana we had the opportunity to go for a walk around the Roman part of Barcelona.We returned to Vilassar De Mar at the evening tired and happy from one interesting and unforgettable  day .

      17.03 was the day that we visited another  great place – the monastery “Montserrat”  which in the area of Catalonia . This place is one of the most famous in whole Catalonia and it eternalizes  the visions of  Virgin Mary.In the monastery are preserved  precious exhibits  of  quite religious masterpieces. I had the honor  to touch the statue of The Black Maiden  which is there. After this we came back and played football  on one of the town’s arcade.
     We had  2 more days left.On Sunday our day was free and we decided to go on the beach and to  swamp ourselves  in the water of  Mediterranean sea.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Great Trip To Vilasar de Mar

By Ilona from Bulgarian art school
On Thursday morning, at 6 am, our group gathered together at the Airport of Sofia, Terminal 2. We checked-in and later boarded the plane.

At  lunchtime we landed at  the airport in Rome and had a 6-hour stay. During the stay there we had a short tour around Rome. After that we took off for Barcelona. There we met a part of the Spanish group which took us to Vilasar de Mar, where the others waited for us. Then we all were taken to our Spanish friends’ houses. After dinner we went to La placa (coffee place). On the next day we went for a walk in Barcelona. There they showed us the pedestrian street -La Ramblas, Barcelona's city hall, the church Sagrada Familia'' and where has been a bull fighting. In Sagrada Familia we made a great walk with a guide. After our free time they showed us Catalan buildings in Barcelona and their history. At eight o’clock  in the evening we got back in 'Vilasar de Mar,'' first we  had dinner and then we got out with the group. 

On Saturday morning we went by bus to a famous mountain -,,''Montserrat. After two hours we arrived there. We were told the history of this mountain .We had free time in which we decided to climb to the top of 'Montserrat''. Then at four  we had to catch the bus . When we arrived some of us played football, others have gone back because they were tired. At eight in the evening we had to be in some establishment where we had dinner. Later all we met again in 'La Plaza''.

On Sunday we went to the beach where we played games and some of us even swam . In the afternoon we played bowling in another city. We dined there and came back in Vilasar de Mar. 

On Monday we went to school with the Spanish students, then  to Barcelona where we had time for shopping. We went back in  Vilasar de Mar where we had dinner with Sergi’s family and after that went to bed.

On Tuesday we got up earlier and went to the airport.  We said goodbye  to our Spanish friends and got on the plane for Bulgaria.  At five in the afternoon we were in Bulgaria.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ralitsa's impressions of the sunny Spain!

On 15th March 2012 we left Sofia Airport by plane early in the morning. During our staying in Rome we had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful ancient views of the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Trajan’s Column and Plaza Venezia. We arrived at Barcelona Airport at 6.30p.m. local time. There a few Spanish students together with their teacher Rosanna welcomed us. We took the underground to Vilassar de Mar, where we met our hosts and then we went home.

Friday, 16th March. We spent the whole day in Barcelona. We took a short walk on La Rambla Street after which we visited Barcelona Town Halls. After that we went to the church Sagrada Familia where our guide told us a lot of interesting facts about the building and its author Gaudi. It was incredible! At noon we had free time and at the afternoon Rosanna took us round the Roman part of Barcelona, showing us remains of that time and explaining us the story. We went back to Vilassar de Mar in the evening.

On the next day, 17th March, we visited the Montserrat area, a cradle of the Catalan culture and language. The place is very beautiful, the monastery impressed me with everything about it, and I touched the statue of The Black Virgin which is in it. We had a guide there, too, who told us in great detail about the place as well as the monastery and the museum there. After we got home, the students played football at one of the town playgrounds.

Sunday was our free day so we, the students, spent it at the beach, and in the afternoon we played bowling in a near town.

Monday, 19th March, was a day devoted to project activities. It was very interesting at the lesson of Catalan and Spanish language when we talked about themes of the daily round. During the technical drawing lesson we took part in the Spanish student’s tasks. After that every team of the project presented the video which it had prepared. We had a special lunch at the dining-room of the school, after which we all went to Barcelona. There a part of us went shopping, and the other one – sight-seeing.

On Tuesday morning we all met at Vilassar de Mar’s station and went to Barcelona Airport. We took our first flight to Rome, from where we arrived at Sofia around 5.30p.m.

Every day the weather in Spain was sunny and warm, very hospitable just like our hosts. Emma and her family who I stayed at were very kind to me and made me feel as I was at home so I’m extremely thankful to them.

I’m very happy I was part of this project because I took a first-hand look at the history, culture and language of another nation. I made friends for whole life. I’d love to popularize this type of projects among my peers.

by Ralitsa Mincheva :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trip to Barcelona 2012 - Kristiyan

On 15.03.2012 – we took off on a plane from Terminal 2 of Sofia airport. We had a few hours in Rome, after that we went to Barcelona by a plane where we arrived at 18:30 local time. We were welcomed by the teacher Rosanna and a couple of Spanish students.After that we used the subway to Vilassar de Mar where I was a guest of Helena Gonzalez Campo and her family.

Friday, 16.03 – we went to Barcelona. We visited a couple of places with all the people from the project. First we went to street “La Rambla” and after that we visited Barcelona City Hall, where a woman told us all about the building. A few hours before lunch we saw Sagrada Familia with a tour guide, who told us all about it. In the afternoon we were guided by Rosanna in the Roman part of the city. We got back to Vilassar de Mar in the evening.

Saturday, 17.03. – again in the morning we travelled by bus to a near mountain site called – Montserrat. We were shown around the museum where we saw valuable paintings of Picasso and Dali. When we got back to Vilassar de Mar, we had free time.

Sunday, 18.03. – The whole day was somewhat of a free day, but still the Spanish students showed us more of the town we were in.

Monday, 19.03. – It was a day all about project activities. We attended a few classes, and after that every group showed the work they’ve done on the project. After lunch, we went to Barcelona and visited a couple of cultural sites.

Tuesday, 20.03. – In the morning we headed to the airport in Barcelona along with Rosanna and a couple of Spanish students. We arrived in Rome and after about an hour stay we caught our flight for Sofia.

It was an amazing experience, all the people were wonderful and I enjoyed every second of it!

by Kristiyan Iliev