Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello from Bulgarian group!

Dear project partners,
It's our pleasure to join to the common blog.
Bulgarian students who visited Norway wrote some good issues. We are on school holiday now. That's why they will post their impressions from the first meeting in Norway later.
Greeting from us - Boyan, Tanya, Mehmed, Lyuben, teodor, Plamen and Stefka!

Facebook group

The participants from Ireland has created a facebookgroup that anyone involved in the prodject (students and teachers) can use to communicate. You find the group on facebook here.
Finally, Comenius 2010-2012 is online.

This blog will be updated by the participants in the Comenius prodject regarding minority languages in eurpoe. The participants involves schools in Bulgaria, Ireland, Norway and Spain. Feel free to add your comments.