Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Great Trip To Vilasar de Mar

By Ilona from Bulgarian art school
On Thursday morning, at 6 am, our group gathered together at the Airport of Sofia, Terminal 2. We checked-in and later boarded the plane.

At  lunchtime we landed at  the airport in Rome and had a 6-hour stay. During the stay there we had a short tour around Rome. After that we took off for Barcelona. There we met a part of the Spanish group which took us to Vilasar de Mar, where the others waited for us. Then we all were taken to our Spanish friends’ houses. After dinner we went to La placa (coffee place). On the next day we went for a walk in Barcelona. There they showed us the pedestrian street -La Ramblas, Barcelona's city hall, the church Sagrada Familia'' and where has been a bull fighting. In Sagrada Familia we made a great walk with a guide. After our free time they showed us Catalan buildings in Barcelona and their history. At eight o’clock  in the evening we got back in 'Vilasar de Mar,'' first we  had dinner and then we got out with the group. 

On Saturday morning we went by bus to a famous mountain -,,''Montserrat. After two hours we arrived there. We were told the history of this mountain .We had free time in which we decided to climb to the top of 'Montserrat''. Then at four  we had to catch the bus . When we arrived some of us played football, others have gone back because they were tired. At eight in the evening we had to be in some establishment where we had dinner. Later all we met again in 'La Plaza''.

On Sunday we went to the beach where we played games and some of us even swam . In the afternoon we played bowling in another city. We dined there and came back in Vilasar de Mar. 

On Monday we went to school with the Spanish students, then  to Barcelona where we had time for shopping. We went back in  Vilasar de Mar where we had dinner with Sergi’s family and after that went to bed.

On Tuesday we got up earlier and went to the airport.  We said goodbye  to our Spanish friends and got on the plane for Bulgaria.  At five in the afternoon we were in Bulgaria.

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