Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Trip to Spain – By Kristiyana

On March 15th we arrived at Sofia Airport and took the flight at around 7 in the morning. We arrived at Rome and had around 5-6 hours to spend till the next flight. During those hours we managed to explore the capital of Italy and see some of it’s magnificent ancient architecture such as the Colosseum, Trajan's Column and many more. After that we took the next flight and soon after we arrived at Barcelona Airport. Our host were waiting for us there. We took the underground to Vilassar de Mar – the small seaside town we were staying at and after we arrived our hosts took us to their homes.
On the next day, we spent all of our time in Barcelona. We managed to see the La Rambla Street, Barcelona Town Halls and the amazing Sagrada Familia. It was simply amazing. In the afternoon we explored the Roman part of Barcelona and learned some interesting facts about it. We went back to Vilassar de Mar and we spent the rest of our free time with the other students.
On the next day we took the bus to the Montserrat area and visited the monastery there. We found out that this place is of great value to the catalan language and culture. The monastery was very beautiful and we had the opportunity to touch the statue of the Black Virgin that is located inside. We visited the museum as well and after all this great experience we got back to Vilassar de Mar and spend our remaining time with the other groups, playing football or just talking.
The next day was free so we spent our time on the seaside, playing games and at noon we played bowling with our new friends in a town next to Vilassar.
On the next day we visited the school. We took part in one of their technical drawing classes. After that we all saw a presentation about the differences between the Spanish and the Catalan language, we watched the movies about the minority languages that each group had to present and we received certificates. Then we spend the rest of the day in Barcelona sightseeing and shopping. We even managed to visit an exhibition of the famous artist Goya.
On the final day, we left from Vilassar de Mar Station early in the morning so we could take the plane back to Rome and then Sofia.
I’m really happy I took part of this whole project. The trip was truly amazing and a really great experience too.  My host Julia and her whole family were very hospitable and warm people. I’m glad I was their guest and I thank them for everything. Spain is a lovely place and I would like to visit it again soon.

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